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Understanding Travel 3.0

We keep on reading or hearing a lot about Travel 3.0. So what exactly is it? I tried looking for an answer in books, travel blogs and anywhere I could get some information on this topic. Finally what I could grasp and understand after going through all the information. I decided to write and help audience understand travel 3.0 in a simple and effective way.

we talk about travel 3.0, it will be a tool, where the user can get the holistic experience. Any traveler goes to 3 different phases:

1. Planning: A stage where he is looking for information, researching a destination and the fares etc. Which most of the website have been able to do. There are millions of websites which offers destination guides.

2. Bookings: So what do you exactly do after you have researched a destination? You try and reach there. So, the next logical step is to book a ticket, a hotel room, a taxi and perhaps look for a local guide? Though most of the websites offer first three booking, they still lack in finding a local guide.

3.Post Travel Experience: When you go for a holiday with friends, families, girl friend, you obviously shoot pictures, videos with your loved ones. So now the requirement comes of where to store them?

While there are websites which offers everything in bits and pieces, no one really offers everything integrated into one and offer it to customers. A user end up having gone to three different website for three different but entirely interlinked need.

Travel 3.0 would be a phase where all the above three phases would be integrated seamlessly to give the user a single window for his/her entire travel need.

Travel 3.0 will be all of sales, peer reviews and social networking

There are couple of websites like wayn.com and travelobuddies.com still in beta (and I think will take its own sweet time to get launched) are attempting to become one.


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